The Super MVS Convertor II user guide

Function: Will allow you to play ALL MVS cartridges on the AES, 100% compatibility!

Works with all MVS carts, including those where the Phantom-1 failed:



How To Use:

[1] What comes with the retail packing?
I think you have noticed the small screwdriver? Use this to adjust the screen if you see the game screen have something wrong  Huh
And the mini CD is for this menu.

[2] The convertor front view.

[3] The convertor back view.

[4] Adjust this dial by using the provided screwdriver if you wish to fine tune your game screen.

[5] The high quality case allows for simple plug and play use, no more Phantom-1 trial and error hassle!

[6] The high-quality PCB golden-finger.

[7] How to use the MVS cart? That's easy and simple! First you need to plug the MVS cart into the convertor.

[8] Just like that.

[9] That's means : MVS cart + NEO SNK convertor = SNK AES cart!

[10] Finally put the whole kit to SNK AES console, then turn on the power, you will see what you want!  sm-24

[11] Another formula : MVS + NEO SNK convertor = you can play over 140 SNK REAL ARCADE GAMEs on your SNK AES console!  sm-18