Classic edition AES art packs!
100% Official SNK NEOGEO design & print.


Click artworks for larger view!
(each high resolution view is
approximately 200 KB)

SNK has honored a very special request for something that has never been done before. They have redesigned some of the more recent releases to conform to the traditional style of design. This involves display of the game logo on the spine, meg count on the spine and front, as well as the classic gray borders.

These art packs are to be bundled with new NeoGeo home cartridges. However, these items are not permitted to be sold individually.  Please understand that this method of distribution was strictly mandated by SNK Playmore and is largely out of our control.

Pricing for these bundles will be realistic and the exact details will be released soon. For example, KoF 2001 classic insert will be bundled with English KoF 2001 AES. Naturally, the price of KoF 2001 classic will be slightly higher to help offset production costs.

- The exact production quantities are not permitted to be revealed publicly. Production was very limited for each insert and cartridge sticker and they are easily the rarest ever produced (significantly lower quantities of any previous production from our knowledge).

- We will not be accepting preorders for this stock. Once the shipment is in hand and ready to ship, then we will simply open orders for immediate shipping.

3/19/04  This production was recently completed and is already in transit from Japan to USA. See FedEx tracking info here.

3/22/04 The shipment today. Behold, the rarest officially produced inserts and cart stickers ever released (other than perhaps Kizuna or U11):
Front view

(shown above are the factory sealed stacks of inserts + Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug 5 cartridge sticker rolls). All contents of this production are shown above, no pieces are being withheld. You can estimate the production #'s, but please do not ask for actual #'s (this info is not permitted for release).

- All inserts/stickers will be distributed in "stay flat" packaging with bend resistant cardboard as support. This will keep your insert/sticker in new condition during transport (the better choice over rolling and tubing).

- Sorry, no Pochi and Nyaa!

* Please wait for further updates concerning these items as no additional information will be provided. As additional information becomes available, this page will be updated.

King of Fighters
2001, 2002, & 2003 classic

Click artworks for larger view!
(each high resolution view is
approximately 200 KB)

Metal Slug 4 & Metal Slug 5 classic:
Logos, meg counts, traditional gray borders,
and best of stripes!

(Metal Slug art pack will include both matching insert and cartridge sticker).

Rage of the Dragons classic
Logo on spine
- Actual MEG count on spine and front.
- Gray classic style borders.

All inserts and cartridge stickers are 100% SNK official as they were designed and produced by SNK NEOGEO CORPORATION of Japan.

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