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Jockey Grandprix English AES by DGE version 2.0 (epilepsy warning card only)

Jockey Grandprix English AES by DG

Limited to 20 pieces worldwide, but only 5/20 were revised to v2!
Our Price: $9.99
Version: English
Box type: snap (new-style)
Developer: DGE
Released: August 10th, 2015 (v2)

Quantity in Stock:7

Product Code: 1907

This is for the epilepsy warning card only as shown in the stock photograph provided.
Condition: New old stock.

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August 10th, 2015 update:
JGP AES 2.0 now plays on all 17 known AES system variants, including the previously incompatible 3-6 motherboard. 15/20 original release (version 1.0) were sold, so the remaining 5/20 pieces were revised and converted to this new 2.0 version. No additional pieces were created and the serial numbers remaining can be chosen from below. The v2 inserts now use gold foil rather than silver & "Version 2.0" was added to both the insert and cartridge sticker. The sticker uses a newer process and is now laminated and die cut. The insert is also cut by machine now. These five 2.0 copies were fully tested on the multiple systems, are perfect new, and sealed.

Due to numerous unsolved complications, never before has anyone been able to produce Jockey Grandprix on home cartridge format. Involving two years of engineering development, JGP is easily the most complex and challenging MVS to AES conversion to date. This professional (but unofficial) production will be released in snap case format, complete with insert, full color manual, cartridge sticker with gold warning label, & epilepsy warning card. The NeoStore had urged the manufacturer not to rush the production and to take whatever time and measures were necessary to produce the exceptional quality that the purchase price commands.

JGP MVS version:
- With a converter you must have a unibios to run the game.
- The game will only work in MVS mode on converters, using home mode will cause the game to get stuck at a service menu.
- The game requires a unibios cheat code for credits or the use of external hardware plugged into the cart.
- The cart uses a custom program board with SRAM making it impossible to convert using normal methods. As stated above, even if you did convert it, you will still be limited by the bios.

JGP AES version:
- Uses all original ROMs from the MVS cartridge.
- The game runs off two high quality custom made PCB's that are virtually impossible to replicate.
- The game will run on all AES decks with stock bios in home mode as well as debug and unibios chips.
- Pressing SELECT will add a credit, no need for a unibios or external hardware.
- Each game will be uniquely numbered by a tamperproof method on the insert, manual, and cartridge sticker.
- Tested to run on all AES decks with all known bios versions.
- Limited to this 20 pieces worldwide with the assurance of no future production runs.

*This is NOT an official SNK item. Made in Canada by DG Enterprises Limited.
Discuss JPG AES with other fervent horse racing enthusiasts through this thread on the forums.

Note from DG Enterprises Limited:
"JGP was fully tested on 17 AES systems from first gen, 3-3/3-4/3-5/3-6 with many systems tested as both 5v and 9v+ versions. While the game was being tested, it was noticed that a single 3-6 system wouldn't run the game. The game would boot to a black screen with no error and full unibios access. That 3-6 motherboard was sent here for testing to figure out the issue, and to look for a solution. This version of the 3-6 motherboard looks the same as any other 3-6 but has a few parts with slightly different part numbers. From my test, it seems this motherboard was changed slightly to fully work with the newer parts. In doing so there is now a conflict between parts on the motherboard and the SRAM found on JGP's program board. My test show that a new unmodded MVS JGP using any converter will also boot to a black screen on this 3-6 system. Over the past week I've tried to correct the issue in the games program rom, however the problem can't be corrected with software."

You can request a specific number (1 through 20, as long as it isn't already listed below) to be reserved for you at the time your preorder is placed by leaving an order note. If you already placed your preorder, you can log into the NeoStore and update your order notes with the number you want or coordinate by PM/ email. Otherwise, you will be shipped a copy at random.

Should you have a preference, use the comment section of shopping cart system to request your #. The following serial #s are what remain available:

  • none

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