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Condition Grading Scale

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All NeoStore listings are closely inspected to achieve the most accurate grading. This is an area where the NeoStore service excels for there are virtually never complaints regarding a stated store condition. Even new items that are pulled from the doubled boxed factory sealed cases are closely inspected and if they don't meet the new + mint criteria then they are cast aside to be relisted and given an appropriate grading.

NEW - Appears to have come straight from a factory sealed case.

LIKE NEW - Solid mint overall and appears to have never been played.

MINT - Insert & manual are in pristine condition. Virtually scratch free cart (minor factory scuffing may be present) but can't be 100% confirmed to be unplayed.

NEAR MINT - Faint signs of wear, perhaps a few light cart scratches, but close to mint.

EXCELLENT - Minor signs of wear, some cart scratches and insert could have some whitening and/or creasing at the edges.

VERY GOOD - Moderate wear, whitening & cart scratches.

GOOD - Progressively more wear, whitening & cart scratches than very good.

POOR - An abused item that has suffered numerous misfortunes. Cart scratches can be physically felt at this stage.

ROUGH - Item used as hockey puck, chew toy, or both. You get the idea.

USED AKA Gamer's Condition - Generally describes pre-owned MVS carts & various accessories that are functional but not collector's quality. Items classified as used condition typically range from good to excellent on average. If condition was exceptionally clean or exceptionally bad it would have been graded as such instead of classified as used or gamers condition.

Plus and minus signs (+/-) are used to provide an even greater level of accuracy. For example, a grading of 'mint+' would be slightly better than a score of 'mint'.
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