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Sell or Trade Your Neo-Geo Items

Wanted Page

Please provide a list of any Neo-Geo related item(s) you wish to trade or sell by submitting an email No collection or inventory is too big or too small and rarely are items turned down.  Please make note of region (version), any missing parts and/or damage.  We will then promptly return a quote for some or all the item(s) you are offering.  The amount you are quoted depends upon our stock, market conditions and other relevant factors.  Both payment and store credit quotes will be provided unless you specify which you prefer in advance.  The store credit quote will always be higher than the payment quote.  Quotes are provided as a total amount for a collection/lot and are not given for individual items within a list.  Once issued, store credit never expires and can be conveniently tracked or spent through your NeoStore account.  Payment can be made to you by PayPal, business check, or bank wire transfer (reserved for large transactions).

The NeoStore is interested in the following:
Home cartridges (AES games)
MVS cartridges and PCBs
NeoGeo CD software and systems
Pocket Color games and systems
Neo-Geo hardware of all kinds
Atomiswave games and systems
Superguns, MAS joysticks, etc.
And any other Neo-Geo related merchandise
Mailing address for all trades/sales:
NeoStore, Inc.
111 S. Highland St. # 344
Memphis, TN 38111-4650

The above list is not everything we are looking for and we encourage you to email us any items you want to sell/trade-in, as we may be interested.  The items we want to avoid are bootlegs, converted home carts and CD back-ups.

Once your trade package is received, the item(s) will be promptly inspected for functionality, condition and completeness.  If any parts are missing, non-functional and/or damaged beyond what was described, we reserve the right to refuse all trades or sales.  If what was actually received significantly differs from what was originally offered your quote will probably be revised.  You would then have the choice to accept or decline the new quote.  The vast majority of trades go through without complications.

For shipping all packages to the NeoStore, we recommend using sturdy boxes, padding around the item(s) by utilizing bubble wrap or padded envelopes, and a shipping method with tracking and insurance for your protection.

If applicable, please try to answer the following questions in advance so that you can be provided with a prompt and accurate quote:
Do you offer MVS, AES, or CD based games?
Are your games English or Japanese version?
Does your game include the original manual, insert, and case? (If most items are complete, state so initially and make a notation next to the item(s) missing a manual, case, etc.)
Are your items 100% SNK authentic? (When offering a rare high profile item, such as Metal Slug AES, please affirm the legitimacy.  A missing manual & color or paper discrepancies should raise a red flag.  Non-authentic items will be detected upon inspection as an original copy of every official home cart in all versions has resided within the store owner's personal collection since the 1990's and they will serve as the ideal comparison instruments.)

Without detailed information it will be difficult to provide you with a fair and accurate quote.  Providing us with comprehensive details, including condition, would help to improve the accuracy of the quote you are provided with.  If you are not certain about the condition of your item then please refer to the Condition Grading Scale as a guide.  For the sake of organization and optimal records of our communication, please reply to all emails so that a thread develops.  Quotes will not be given over the phone or chat message systems as we must keep solid records for the transaction on both your end and ours.

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