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The NeoStore originally began as a single web page that was hosted on GeoCities back in late 1990s and functioned as a way for me to buy/sell/trade with other collectors around the world to build my personal AES collection. It wasn't until my best friend at the time told me that this is what I did for a living that I realized that I was operating a store! This never seemed like work, dealing with neo games was a hobby that I simply enjoyed and was passionate about and that same passion fuels the operations and improvements of the NeoStore to this day.

The members of the forums are the ones who inadvertantly named the NeoStore. Someone started calling my 'Neo-Geo Cart Sale Page', which was one of the various pages of an early website, "the neo store", and it stuck. The domain was actually being used by a shoe store in Italy at the time, but fortuately a deal was struck with the owner and so ownership was transfered.

The NeoStore became the exclusive global distributor for SNK of Japan's English AES releases. A total of 13 titles were made available through the NeoStore over the years, the first title being English Metal Slug 3 AES and the last being English Samurai Shodown V Special AES. It was an amazing and historic era for this console and's traffic rankings were spiking as high as the top 20k range of all existing websites.

This hobby continues to thrive as proven by the ever increasing resale values that these games command. The NeoStore will continue to support the Neo with new and existing products for many years to come. Thank you for your valued support and patronage, without you, the NeoStore wouldn't exist after all.

Shawn McCleskey
Email: [email protected]
Owner/founder of NeoStore, Inc. |

Why is your eBay user ID snkusa?
That's because the user ID 'neostore' was taken, as was neogeo, neogeostore, neogeocom, and everything else under the sun except for 'snkusa'. Coincidentally, the domain name that pointed to SNK USA's official website from their conception until SNK of Japan's restructuring is now owned by the NeoStore and serves as a domain forward to the NeoStore. Give it a try:

If the NeoStore has been around so long, why is my order number relatively low/small?
Prior to 2010, the NeoStore was operating on a custom platform that was designed by myself on the frontend using MS FrontPage and by a freelance ASP programmer for the backend. It functioned, most of the time, but was Mickey Mouse compared to what the modern NeoStore is today. Since order and customer history couldn't be converted over to the new database, and lower numbers are easier to deal with, I decided to start over at order number 1. FYI, the last order # on the previous store platform was # 86250.

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